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I’m an Amsterdam based front-end developer, also specialized in WordPress. I help companies devise an effective strategy for their website, create an appealing designs and develop easily maintainable websites.

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dyllan says:

    Hey André,

    I am South African Graphic Designer for video, and I would love to have something like this for my own clients: http://notevid.com/

    but I would like my own logo. How much would something like this cost? I have a TON of research links to send you, including popcorn.js and some nice stuff from standford. Firstly, I don’t mind if you implement a wordpress thing for me (I have already tried your plugin but it’s too irritating…upload a video to vimeo..then open up wordpress then create a new page then paste the link in then create a user then password protect the page then publish then send the link then hope the client makes changes then randomly check when its done) where all I really need is a simple interface to copy the vimeo link and hit send. that thing with the duration for client to get back is really quiet cool. Obviously it does NOT have to be wordpress, but I would like to host it, and obviously once it’s finished you can start up a company yourself similiar to the link I sent you? :) my budget is really low :( between 1k to 1.5k euros, Please tell me you can help me, I would be REALLY REALLY grateful to you!!!

  2. Greg says:

    Hi Andre’,

    Very nice plugin. Thanks so much. I found a small issue, I’m using it with normal posts and I wanted to limit it by category. It wasn’t limiting it though, so I looked at the code and in the array of parameters for the WP query category_name was set to ”, I changed that to $category and it’s working.

    You can see how I’m using it on the website included in this post. It is still a work in process.

    Thanks again for nice plugin.

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