I design beautiful and clear websites. Keeping in mind the companies values and websites strategy.

1. Wireframe

Before starting up Photoshop it’s good to make a wireframe. This is a clickable model of the website based on the strategy. Because this wireframe doesn’t have any visual effects it keeps you focused on the core structure of the website. Making this wireframe is an iterative process which takes some time, but a good preparation will save a lot of time and corrections on the long run.

2. Graphic Design

And now it’s finally happening: Photoshop has started up and you you start with the design. The wireframe will function as a basis for the actual design, but this doesn’t mean everything is already set in stone. It is the designers task to find creative and simple solutions to help both the company and the visitor to reach their goals.

First I make different sketches of the homepage. With the feedback I get from those sketches I will develop  one or two sketches in further detail. After one of them is approved I will make the different types of pages in pixel perfect detail.

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