I build adaptive websites using the latest web standards with clean code. I make flexible WordPress themes from scratch, making it a breeze for my clients to update their website.

1. Static webpage

The design made in photoshop is being converted into a working but static internet page. This is done according to the latest web standards (HTML5 / CSS3), but it will gracefully degrading to older webbrowsers (yes, I’m talking to you Internet Explorer). In this phase I use jQuery to add the more dynamic visual elements to the website, the most common being slideshows and drop down menus).

Responsive design.

With the rise of a new generation of devices with internet access like phones and tablets, it is important to ensure the best browser experience on all those devices. Instead of building a separate mobile website, you make one website that adapts it’s visual appearance to the device.

2. CMS Development

The constructed HTML can now be connected to a Content Management System (CMS), so the client can easily add content to the website. I ensure that not only the visitor but also the sites administrator has the best experience possible maintaining the website.

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