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Seventeen days near Tibet

by André on September 27th, 2011

The last weeks I travelled from Shangri-La to Chengdu, a trip that took me through the highlands near Tibet. Although it is not in the province ‘TIbet’, the nature and the culture is the same. Some people even said it feels more authentic because it is not overrun by the military and the buildings aren’t destroyed by the government.

From Shangri-La I first went to yubong, a town in the middle of a beautiful mountainous area and only reachable after a six hour hike. Although it took a long time to get there, the scenery was absolutely worth it. The town was really little but had a Tbetan feel and was overrun by yaks, chickens, pigs and horses roaming the streets.

After a little detour through Shangri-La the next destination was the Yading national park. It wasn’t really planned but i’m glad I went, because again there were some amazing hikes with some great snow covered mountain peaks.

After a couple of days there, the next place was Litang, the Tibetan wild west, with awesome people in the middle of great grasslandscapes. And as I mentioned in the previous post, I witnessed a Tibetan Skyburial.

Next up was tagong, a really small town on the way to Chengdu, not much really to do there but a great place to hang out and talk a little with my travelmates for that trip, an (ofcourse) Israeli couple.

Now I’m in Chengdu, a ‘small’ city of 4,1 million people. How much you would expect that a bit of civilization would be a nice change, I can’t say I’m a big fan. Big cities like this (same as Kumning) don’t have any character. It is full of shops: Starbucks, KFC, Prada, Louis Vuitton and it even has a good old Dutch C&A. The city is also overrun by little ‘death machines’, namely electronic scooters which you just cannot hear and surprise you everywhere.

The main thing to see here are the Panda’s, but unfortunately i’m not going to see them. Next week is a Chinese holiday and 1,5 billion chinese will be on the move. Traintickets are impossible to get but I luckily have one for Xi’an tomorrow (home of the Terracotta warriors). From there I hope to get a tickets to Beijing, otherwise I try to escape the herds and head in to the countryside a little and move my way slowly to Beijing and try to get ready for my next adventure; Mongolia!

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