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20 Things you didn’t know about China

by André on October 10th, 2011

After six weeks I finally made it to Beijing where I am making preparations for my next adventure: Mongolia. As before, I made some observations of the country and it’s people which I’d like to share with you:

1. They like to eat chickenfeat, you can buy them everywhere in the supermarket as if they are candy.

2. It’s a communist country… ugh ugh, who am I kidding; except from the camera’s on every streetcorner and the lack of freedom of speech this country is capitalism on steroids.

3. The cities are overrun by electric scooters, or little death machines as I like to call ‘m. You can’t hear them coming and they never drive with lights on.

4. They are addicted to sunflower seeds. I actually met a guy who had little gaps in his upper and lower front-teeth from biting ‘m open his whole life.

5. They have large camera’s and like to take pictures, especially with tall western guys. Sometimes they don’t dare to ask so they are just filming you when you are ordering a sandwich in a bakery.

6. Chinese are horrible drivers, worse than any other country I’ve been. It may be a mess in Vietnam and the rest of South East Asia, but at least they pay attention to other drivers. In China, Rear-view mirrors are even less used than cutlery.

7. If you want to have those hip designers glasses but don’t actually need glasses, what do you do? Easy, you just wear the glasses without, well, the glasses?Very popular here.

8. Toilet’s are shitty. Generally no real surprise but even in well run places the stench is often unbearable. And also, a lot of times it is just a trench in the ground without any flushing mechanism or even real separation between ‘toilets’. So don’t expect too much privacy. For the rest all toilets are those wholes in the grounds where your have to kneel over. (And oh yeah, bring your own toiletpaper)

9. Chinese spit everywhere, but only after they retrieve that little green slime from the back of their throats.

10. Xiyangyang, a sheep catoon character, is huge here. There is merchandise everywhere and if it hasn’t already it will probably find it’s way to the western world soon.

11. The world is their garbage bin. Even on holy mountains people throw all their garbage on the ground.

12. Don’t go to China if your asmatic, they smoke everywhere and a non-smoking sign doesn’t mean shit.

13. Chinese like to dance. Throughout the country and near sunset there will be people somewhere on a square dancing. Near Tibet it will be in a large circle while in the big cities it will be in a big grid. Everybody doing the same moves, it’s amazing. It doesn’t really look as if they’re really enjoying themselves. It is just what you do.

14. There is no official way to eat with chopsticks and everybody just does what they want.

15. When you buy a house in China, it’s only yours for 70 years. After that you have to give it back to the government.

16. Erotic magazines are illegal in China, but Playboy is a huge clothing brand.

17. Even for the Chinese it is hard to write Chinese (Mandarin). Sometimes when they need to write something down they have to think about the characters and try to write it in their hand first.

18. You need to show your passport to buy a trainticket or go to an internetcafe (which you can’t go to if you’re not 18).

19. Guys like to get their tops of in restaurants. In a ‘real’ Chinese restaurant it is not uncommon to see a whole table with shirtless burping middle-aged guys.

20. They build a gate around every brick with even the least touristic value and charge you money to see it.

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