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The Books I’ve Read

by André on January 29th, 2012

When you spent so much time travelling you have lots of time to read. Recently I was trying to remember all the books I’ve read and tried to read. So I thought it would be a nice item for a blogpost:

1. Fantoompijn (Arnun Grunberg)
A book I got with me from Holland. Great book which reminded me of the guy I rented an appartment from in Amsterdam: A drifter who had a son that hated him.

2. Fast Food Nation
Book about how the fast food industry works and what it affects. But I would recommend the book The Macdonaldisation of Society.

3. Foucault’s Pendulum (Umberto Eco) – Not Finished
This book was way too hard for me to read in English and I couldn’t get myself to keep reading it.

4. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintanence
New age book about a guy who is on a motorcycle trip with his son and his inner demon. It’s somewhat of a classic but a bit pseudo-philosophical and pretentious.

5. Lord of the Flies
Every englishman I’ve met during my trip has read this book because it’s pretty much mandatory for them in school. It’s about a school getting lost on an Island without any teachers. Starting again they build a new mini society with all the problems it entails. Great book! Recommend it to anyone.

6. The Plague (Camus)
About a city where all of a sudden a plague kills a lot of people. This existentialist book is about the different people and how they react to these tough situations. The plague in this book could be seen as a methaphor for the german occupation in the second world war.

7. Treasure Island
Pretty much a childrens book about Pirates! But with all the elements you would excpect and all the pirate cliches: treasure, parrots, eye-patches and wooden legs. Very fun read.

8. Secret History
About some upperclass university elites commiting some crimes. Very interesting characters and quite the page turner.

9. Seeing
From Jose Saramago, the guy who wrote Blindness (or the city of the blind). It’s about a city where at an election everyone votes blanc. What would happen? It’s a nice read, but a bit overtly dramatic.

10. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Short story about a guy who is thinking about a girl in his appartment… Wasn’t really able to tell the greatness of this story.

11. Cat’s Cradle
Science Fiction book from Kurt Vonnegut.

12. Catch 22
Well, here’s a fantastic book. But I guess it works best in English and it is sometimes hard to see all the irony and sarcasm. It’s about a world war two bomber pilot who can’s see why there are people shooting at him all the time when he is doing his work. It’s full of absurdity.

13. The Four Musketeers (Humas)
A classic one. Easy read and great fun.

14. Our Game (John le Carre)
Spy Novel about a guy who has lost his girlfriend to his best friend who are fighting for the minorities in Southern Russia.

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