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The End

by André on January 3rd, 2012

After over 500 days, my travels are over. For now. I got back to the Netherlands on the 4th of December and real life started pretty soon. Within two weeks of being back I already found a (temporary) job and living in Amsterdam again. Everything went so fast that It’s hard to believe that I’ve been away for so long. I have to remind myself that I’ve seen so many amazing things and met so many amazing people.

One question I get a lot is what the most amazing thing is I’ve seen. But ofcourse this is impossible to answer, I’ve done and seen so much: diving the great barrier reef, camping the Australian eastcoast, the temples of Ankor Wat, biking in Vietnam, Hiking in China, Horseriding in Mongolia, drinking Vodka with the Russians… and this is only a very small selection!

Another question is how it is to be home, and if it is strange. But the strangest thing is the fact that you’re used to being back very soon. Ofcourse nothing has changed, but I expected that I would experience everything in a different way. The only thing is that everything is going so fast, and I’m already working in an office every day. It wouldn’t have hurt to have a little holiday around christmas (because also then I had to work quite a bit). I may have been away for 500 days, it’s not that this is always very ‘relaxing’ and when you’re always on the move it’s also nice to be in the same place for a little while.

Since this might be my last post about this travel, I want to use this moment to thank all the amazing people I’ve met during my travel. Without all of you I wouldn’t have had such an amzing time. So again; Thanks!

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