Live Video Annotation Plugin

Add timed comments to a YouTube video with ease! [Wordpres Plugin]

The Live Video Annotation plugin for WordPress allows you to add timed footnotes to a YouTube video. Visitors can see these comments pop-up later while watching the video.


andreWelcome to the Live Video Annotation Plugin Demo. Great to have you with us! Press play on the YouTube video above and let's get started...
andreThe Live Video Annotation plugin makes it incredibly easy to add timed notes to your embedded YouTube videos.
andreThis can be useful for annotating video lectures, commenting on your own home video's or link to other webpages.
andreOr you can add triva to Music Video's!
andreThe video you're watching now is 'I will wait' by Mumford and Sons.
andreMumford & Sons was formed in December 2007 by multi-instrumentalists Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall, and Ted Dwane!
andreDid you know Mumford also in his spare time runs an online book club on the band's official web site!
andreEnough trivia, tell me how I get started!
andreWell, that's really easy.
andreAll you need to do is add this simple shortcode to a post:
andre[videoannotation video_id='XbqzgDnfMsE']
andreNext you can visit the post you just published.
andreYou will see a little 'chatbox' below the video.
andreThis is where you add your notes to the video.
andreThe notes will be saved at the same point in time as the youtube player is.
andreYou can add your comments when you are watching the video,
andreor pause the video if you need some more time.
andreYou can also rewind or forward the video if you'd like.
andreThe amount of time the notes are visible can also be adjusted.
andreAll you do is add an option to the shortcode: expire_time
andre[videoannotation video_id='XbqzgDnfMsE' expire_time='5']
andreIf you set expire_time to 0 (zero), the notes will not fade out.
andreYou can also set your own width and height to get the player to fit in your website.
andrelike this: [videoannotation video_id='rGKfrgqWcv0' width='570' height='275']
andreThe plugin automatically detects it if theres a hyperlink and make them clickable
andreThis concludes our little introduction of The Video Annotation Plugin.
andreWe hope you will enjoy using this plugin and find creative ways to use it.
andreYou can find a lot more information about the plugin, and it's usage on this page.
andreThanks for watching!
andreThe Plugin can be downloaded from the link above this video

What can it be used for?

  • Add notes to video lectures.
  • Give translations to a video.
  • Use it to add bookmarks to a video.
  • Easily add links to external resources mentioned in a video.
  • Imitate Stephen Colbert‘s The Wørd
  • Create your own Pop-Up Video.
  • Comment the ghost video’s of your bedroom.
  • Whatever you can think of….



When you’ve activated the plugin you can add the following shortcode in the post:

[videoannotation video_id='YOUTUBE_CODE']

The YOUTUBE_CODE can be found in the video’s link:

So to add this video to a post you would put this in the page:

[videoannotation video_id='VvcohzJvviQ']

How to annotate a video?

It’s reeeeeally easy! Make sure you are logged in to WordPress and visit the post where you added the video. Start playing the video and type your notes in the field below the video. To submit your note you can press [enter] or click on the annotate button.

The image below illustrates what you will see when you are logged in:

If you need some time to write your comment, don’t worry: You can pause the video at any time.

ps. The field will be greyed out for a little while until the comment is actually saved.

Can I add hyperlinks?

Yes you can! Just copy the whole hyperlink from your browser. Be sure to include the http:// part, so we know it’s a link. We’ll take care of the rest.


You can add also some options to the shortcode:

  • expire_time – The amount of time a comment is visible in seconds. Set to ‘0’ (zero) if you don’t want the annotations to fade out. Ny default this is set to ’10’.
  • width - The width of the video. Default is ‘640’.
  • height - The height of the video. Default is ‘390’.

All the options combined result in the following shortcode: (note that it should be on one line)

[videoannotation video_id='VvcohzJvviQ'  expire_time='5' width='500' height='250']


The plugin is tested on the latest versions of Chrome, FireFox and Safari (all mac) and on Windows Internet Explorer 9.


I hope you find this plugin useful and find creative ways to use it. Feel free to add a comment and tell me what you think!


This plugin is written by André Boekhorst and makes use of the YouTube API and the jQuery Form plugin. The Live Video Annotation plugin is released under the GNU General Public License version 2.

2 thoughts on “Live Video Annotation Plugin

  1. level5 says:

    What a great plugin. It would be nice if it could also work with vimeo. best l5

  2. Jeff Kirkland says:

    Brilliant idea for a plugin but it seems to ignore the height attribute. width works fine but height stays at the default no matter what.

    Other than that, very cool idea.

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