Plugin Options

There are several options you van use with the two shortcodes. Here are the defaults for ‘thisorthat':

'posttype' => 'this-or-that'
'taxonomy' => 'thisorthat_category'
'category' => ''
'thumb_size' => 'large'
'show_image' => 'true'
'show_title' => 'true'
'show_excerpt' => 'false'
'show_score' => 'false'

The shortcode ‘thisorthat_ranking’ has the same options, but has one added to adjust the amount of items to be shown:

'length' => '10'

12 thoughts on “Plugin Options

  1. Daniel says:

    I’am very interested in Thisorthat plugin, great job (your site too…)
    Is it possible to maye it workin with media library lets say compare all the media having category ‘challenge 1′ for example.
    Or all the media attached to a sigle post.
    No need to use the thisorthat taxnomy.

    Thanks in advance for your lights. And merry Christmas

  2. Paul Shackleford says:


    I am working on a business directory and classifieds site for my local area. I would like to add a voting system for business categories. Example: we have 25 domestic electricians in the area I would like visitors to the site to be able to see all 25 electricians rather than just 2 which seems to be all I can do with this plugin. I would also need to show number of votes a company has received rather than “Wins”

    Please Advise


  3. Peter says:


    I was looking for plugin like that but unfortunately is not working on my blog even on basic skin. I’m adding new pages in that or this and when i open them i get a 404 error that this page dont exist. Adding code to page dont help as it cant display page that dont exist.

    you had by any chance problem like that before ?
    br Peter

  4. Bernard says:


    Is it possible to prevent that a user can see each combination of two pictures obnly once during a given period?

    Leuke plugin

  5. Beau says:

    How can I show the ratings, wins and losses in the ranking area?

  6. Peter Duke says:

    This plugin is awesome. I’m trying to make the list longer than 10 and so I use this shortcode:

    [thisorthat_ranking length="99"]

    But the list is still 10.

    Please advise.

    Thanks for the great work.


  7. Peter Duke says:

    D’oh! Visual mode FAIL!

    Never mind, thanks!

  8. cohiba says:

    I have set up a test site where I can test various ranking/ELO plugins. I really REALLY like yours. Can you send me a brief explanation as to how I can set the plugin/pages so that ranked items’ pages do not throw a 404 message when clicked on (from the ranking list)? I love that your ranked items are linked back to their actual post. Mine just go to 404. There has to be a simple explanation for this….I just cannot find it. Help?

  9. inthaiguy says:

    Hi, Just used your plugin at and it works fabulous. I used it in conjunction with All Import plugin to nicely populate the posts.

    Thinking about the next step… It’s one thing that anonymous users vote, but if we could see the influence of different raters, that would be even more sticky. Any thoughts on how to track registered users, their # of votes, vote history, or a top X list of influencers?

  10. Jason says:

    I’m not uderstanding the shortcode use: Should it be:

    [thisorthat 'show_score'=>'true']


    [thisorthat show_score="true"]

    neither seem to work for me.

  11. Oscar says:

    I have two questions. Can the code be modified to personalize to an individual level his voting results? and second, can the amount votes be limited to, or say after 25 votes they are taken to the results page or another page ? then the user can continue to vote if they wish?

  12. Oscar says:

    One more thing, In order to vote on list of names, how can I do this ? Do I need to create graphics for all names? I have a list that would be growing by user submissions.

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